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Discovering Tea, #CoffeeAlternative

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Coffee is a godsend for most of us and gets us through the day. Unfortunately some of us struggle digestive side effects associated with drinking coffee. This is where tea can fill a void that remains once coffee is taken out of the diet.

If you are like me you need something to help wake up in the morning, provide a jolt of energy to keep up with a hectic lifestyle and warm drink to chase away the chilly days. Swapping out your daily coffee ritual for tea can eliminate indigestion and\or heartburn many of us live with.

For thousands of years tea has been consumed all over the world as a daily ritual. The Lipton site has a good background on the history of tea if you are curious:

Adding tea to your daily diet is easy and you may find it equal to or slightly superior to coffee by using a few tricks.

  1. Choose the right tea

  2. Find out which flavor or tea type you prefer

  3. Sample different sweeteners to determine the best one for you

Here is a recipe I use as a go to for my morning wake up and routine pick me up. I've relied on this to get me through a rough conversion of 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day.

The best tool to assist you in discovering tea is a good teapot. The better the teapot the more water you can make and the faster your water will boil. If you click on the picture below I've included a link to my favorite.

My Recipe is a simple tea you can easily make before work or during a work break.

Chai Tea Latte - 5 minutes

Add favorite chai tea packet to cup of boiling water (make sure to leave space for milk and honey). Steep for 3 minutes, bob the teabag a few times before taking it out to get the best flavor.

Once the tea is brewed add 2 Tbsp's of raw honey to the mix. Mix the honey in thoroughly.

Add milk of your choice. If using real milk I suggest whole but I personally prefer oat milk.


1 packet - Chai tea of choice

2 Tbsp - Raw clover honey

1 Tbsp - Milk of choice (I use oat milk)

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